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That Place in Ogunquit is a modern restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine in look and feel, with a bustling, lively fun bar and lounge. We offer delicious steaks, creative seafood, and inventive, yet classic appetizers. Our newly renovated restaurant has an urban style dining room complete with a well-designed bar and lounge area which is conducive to having one of our innovative cocktails or a full five-course meal. The two big flat screen televisions and 12 beers on tap also make our bar perfect to enjoy the sports game or just great company.

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17 hours ago

Should we respond or should we not respond πŸ€—


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Our favorite... first place we go every time we are in Ogunquit.... always wonderful service and delicious food😊

“Thanks for the three stars! We are glad you enjoyed it !”

Rick and staff do any outstanding job! Tell those folks to keep it moving

It is soooo hard to be patient this time of year... Bless you for your sense of humor... this party of 8 sounds familiar... there really should be a YELP for customers... A few last week would have received some poor reviews from me, that's for sure. Especially the party (names left out to protect the innocent) who send back meals and talked about how they sent back their meals the night before, too.

Always great food and srrvice.our go to restaurant

We love That Place!! The service, chef, food are all outstanding. If you want bar food, sit in the bar! When on vacation you need to relax and enjoy the restaurant .. 30 minutes, really, that's not a great difference in time, have a drink and chill!!

That Place gets 10 out of 10 in my book. We ate there twice this past weekend with parties of 7 and 5 respectively. Delicious on all counts. Fast friendly and impeccable service both Saturday and Sunday.

I totally see asking them to arrive early. That ensures the entire party can be seated together, at the same time. Makes the experience better for them and the server. As for the bar menu comment... as is noted above, it’s a BAR menu. Rude for them to ask in the first place. You should respond, but not sure about offering a do over. They likely would find something else to fuss about. Just know y’all rock!!

Seriously??? They want the "pub menu" in the dining room. Let me think about this, hummm. We want great seating but cheaper prices. Don't respond. You guys are amazing all the time! Always have quick service, delicious food, great prices and generous portions. My profile pic is at your place and look at my Martini!

I don’t think it’s very professional to make fun of these people on Facebook. They gave a review, it should have remained between them and the restaurant. If that was me and I saw my review posted on the restaurants Facebook page with everyone chiming in I can tell you’d I’d never step foot in the place again. It’s mean spirited.

Responding with a full explanation of your policies might just be a waste of time. Some folks are never happy, always looking for something to complain about, and thrive on the drama of making negative comments about a beloved restaurant that almost always does everything right. Did they actually order food? There's no mention of that, which is the main reason for going to a restaurant in the first place! I say let it go, all the good reviews far outweigh this one disgruntled person.

a group of 8 in the middle of July in Ogunquit, they are lucky they got a table.

ONE reason a restaurant would not offer a bar menu in the dining room is pricing - and reasonably so. Can't give up a valuable seat in the dining room for a burger. When was the last time you saw an empty table at 6:30 at That Place in Ogunquit. Seems dubious they were all empty

Yes respond and explain the policies using very basic, very simple language.

If they didn't understand why they were asked to arrive at 5, they could have asked. If they had especially wanted something from the bar menu, they could have asked if that would still be available in the dining room. If that were a dealbreaker, they could have can cancelled the booking. You might respond politely on those lines.

It's not unreasonable for customers to think bar menu food is also available in the dining area. As there are many restaurants that do serve the bar menu in the main restaurant. I'd think it would be odd for people at the bar to expect a full menu. As they are in a bar and the kitchen is for the dining room. I also see the customer having issue with not being able to chose their preferred reservation time if what they post was true the tables were empty meaning not fully booked. So why not able to reserve at the customer preference. Totally get if already booked and you be like all we have is a spot 30 minutes earlier.

I could see if they just wanted to order from the bar menus but if they wanted to add something from the bar menu to their dinner I don’t see why that would be problem..

Every one feels that their opinion is the only opinion that matters. Let them open their own Restaurant and see how fast they change the rules.

I would never expect to order from a bar menu in the dining room.... that's just not done....

Leave the responses for the hot coffee type of reviews as those are more worth it !

Bar Menu means.. food served at the bar or in the bar area! Once you see that the customer didn’t understand that... not even worth discussing!

Can I get something from the B-A-R menu delivered to my house?


It feels like responding to them might not make a difference but, if you are going to respond, keep it simple, to the point and, like you always do, nice. That will show others who are reading, who might not know you, that you are warm and professional. (Miss seeing you two!!! Can you believe it is FIVE YEARS this August since our fabulous wedding!!??)

Totally respond! Not everybody understands how the system of reservations etc works

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Come take a ride with us to the Beach #headdown #crosstown #livinglikearockstar ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago


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Pink scooters foreverπŸ’ž

Where is Kyle??

Yes please.

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Stay next door to us at the end of July! Beautiful house, awesome pool and the best restaurant right next door πŸ˜‰Our big house is available from July 27 to August 3rd. One week, high season- $5000 πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ #Ogunquit #Vacationland #saltyair ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Stay next door to us at the end of July! Beautiful house, awesome pool and the best restaurant right next door πŸ˜‰
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